Lets Get Fancy!


Starting at $35

Here at Mugu's your stylish pooch will get the spa day that you know it deserves! We offer limited daycare with the service because we go at your dog's pace - if they are interested in playing we will wait until last to get your dog done, if they aren't enjoying themselves we'll try to hurry the process along to get them out of here so they aren't stressed out all day. Grooming includes a hydro-surge bath with blueberry facial, nail trimming/filing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, de-sheding, hair cut, all starting at $35 for the day.

Small Dog0-25 lbs$35
Medium Dog26-45 lbs$45
Large Dog46-75 lbs$55
X-Large Dog76+ lbs$65
Prices are based on national average on certain breeds. Actual price may vary;
Please contact our grooming department for a personal quote.