Lets Vacation!


Starting at $35*

Your dog's care is our priority, our skilled kennel technicians have a very extensive checklist to ensure there will be no problems throughout the stay. We ask the right questions, and ensure we are aware of all your pet's needs. Our suites are all temperature controled, ensuring that they will remain comfortable through the night regardless of the weather. We offer all the commodities of home: comfortable elevated bedding, calm relaxing music, purified water, and dim lighting through the night.

Tours available Tuesday - Friday
Please call ahead for a time frame!

* Surcharge of $5 per dog on the first night of your stay and a flat rate of $35 per night for basic boarding
In-House Food
If you are unable to bring your own food, or you run out during your stay and prefer to buy a new bag yourself we can feed your dog our generic whole-grain food for an additional fee. Often times your pup will get an upset stomach so we do not recommend it.
$5 / Night

Live Webcam

+$25 per night

We offer a live camera feed that you can access 24/7 so that you can check up on your pet while on-the-go. The camera offers both infrared lighting and normal view so you can view your pup regardless of the time of day.